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Welcome to
Empowered Energy

Empowered Energy Fitness is more than just a fitness and nutrition company;

It's a community of people committed to crushing their goals, celebrating their bodies, and feeling amazing.

Meet the Founder, CEO, Personal Trainer & Coach

Queen of the Empowered Energy Fitness Family

As the founder and coach, I, Raquel Branco, am passionate about helping individuals unlock their full potential, and achieve their dreams.


After working in a gym, I realized that people were missing vital aspects they needed to truly reach their goals and have lasting success. That's why I started EE, to help people develop a positive self-image, have personalized support, stronger mindset around food and celebrate their accomplishments. 


Believe me, I've been there – struggling to find motivation, feeling lost in the world of fitness, facing setbacks, and feeling this guilt inside that I should be doing better. But I refuse to believe that anyone should be stuck in a cycle of self-loathing and unhealthy habits. Thats why I dive deeper to get to know you and tailor a program to ensure your success.

I'm all about building genuine connections with my clients. I want to know your guilty pleasures, your favorite songs to jam out to, the exercises you love/hate and what makes you tick. That's how I help you become your best self! 


My absolute favorite part of coaching is seeing my clients transform their lives. I'm talking body confidence, ditching the negative self-talk, joy radiating from their bodies and crushing their fitness goals.

Working out and lifting heavy weights to make my muscles grow
Eating fried dough knowing that life is about balance
Smiling while rollerblading and being active

At Empowered Energy Fitness, we believe that living a healthy lifestyle should be sustainable and personalized to each individual. 

Think personalized workouts, delicious food hacks, and a community that cheers you on every step of the way.

Accountability to keep you on track but also celebrate your wins, have some laughs, and help you face challenges.

My ultimate goal is to help you 

  • Fuel your body with delicious nutritious foods you love

  • Crush a workout and feel that post-workout endorphin pump 

  • Rock your favorite outfits with confidence

  • Have a community and supportive space where you can connect with others who share your goals and get exclusive access to tips, recipes, and workouts

So Lets :

  • Start slow and build healthy habits 

  • Get out of that all-or-nothing mindset (and switch to an anything is better than nothing mindset)

  • Get our grub on 

  • Find the "glimmers" of positivity in each day 

Showing how exciting healthy food can be while sitting on a boat
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