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What Clients Have to Say

plus Weekly Wins

Before photo of client prior to joining the program
After photo of 40pound+ weight loss plus increased muscle tone and better mindset

Incredible results that last a lifetime

Numerical weightless value

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"Every time I look at my progress measurements, I am just BLOWN AWAY. I can’t believe I’ve lost 14 inches since the end of June. Honestly so crazy to me but I totally feel it in the way my clothes fit and how I look in photos"

"I started with Empowered Energy after I fell into a rut and gained a bunch of weight due to inactivity and indifference. With Raquel’s help, I gained my determination and confidence back! I’ve also lost the weight I was hoping to shed :) The personalized workout plans were great, as was her weekly help with food monitoring and advice. I learned a lot about the importance of protein and proper nutrition for a sustainable lifestyle, not a fad diet! Her motivational videos and posts, along with the sense of community through the app, were a very positive and helpful aspect of the program. I am so grateful and now feel ‘empowered’ to continue on my own, using the tools she has given me. "

"I had the pleasure of participating in Empowered Energies 6-month workout program, and I couldn't be happier with the results.


First and foremost, the convenience of having the workout routines available on the app, complete with instructional videos, made it incredibly easy to follow along. This helped me, as a newcomer to working out, to grasp proper form and technique. The attention to detail in these instructional materials was evident and greatly appreciated.


One of the standout features of this program was the weekly check-ins. Having that consistent support and accountability from Raquel was a game-changer. Her guidance and feedback were instrumental in keeping me on track and motivated throughout the program.


Lastly, the inclusion of progress photos was a great addition. Being able to visually track my transformation over the 6 months provided a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue pushing forward.


Overall, this program not only accommodated my pescatarian diet but also provided a comprehensive and supportive fitness experience. I am truly grateful for the knowledge and results I gained from this program, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their fitness journey. Thank you, Raquel!"

Before and after photo showing significant weight-loss and inches lost

Look at all these inches lost!

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Small consistent changes make a huge impact!

Increased muscle, increased strength and conditioning,
more energy, decreased stress




"I’m really getting good at fueling my body, while also still enjoying food and having a more positive relationship with my body and food....  I really felt the extra carbs and added energy from it - noticed I needed less caffeine"

"More whole foods and I didn’t feel guilty about having a little sweet snack. I used up all the food I got for meal prep and even whipped a random veggie soup instead of getting takeout."

"My relationship with fitness and the gym has totally changed thanks to you guys (lol remember I didn’t even have a gym membership when I started, but now I’m one of the most active members!) I’m so thankful to have found you guys and for all the amazing things you’ve taught me already!!"

"I loved all of my workouts. I feel myself getting stronger. I can’t believe I went from not being able to do a body weight hip thrust to now lifting with 50-60 lbs. I’m super proud. Again just feeling stronger and being proud of how far I’ve come. I went from hating the gym only wanted to do home workouts. To loving going to the gym and feeling strong. "

When I began my journey with Raquel, I was struggling with discipline. I had the right thoughts & ideas, but lacked motivation. I was hoping to gain that discipline & support I needed. Joining this community, I found that. During the program I was happy to learn the amount of help, motivation from the community & resources provided. I feel the support you receive from this program is AMAZING! I could text or call Raquel at any time & she would make sure she was on my a** (in a good way). Since joining, I have not only lost the weight I was looking to lose, but I also gained self-love, LOTS of muscle, and endurance. I'm now able to be part of a routine & love waking up looking forward to my next work out. EE Fitness Family has def added a positive change to my lifestyle!

Before photo of client prior to joining the program
 After photo of client who lost weight, gained muscle, increased confidence
Before photo of client prior to joining the program
 After photo of client who lost weight, gained muscle, increased confidence

Amazing Consistent Weight-loss
Healthier relationship with food
& Stronger mindset

<-- Started

 Increased strength,
weight-loss, more 
muscle definition, more energy, boosted confidence, & consistent healthy habits

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